Selling my MSX Konami games. (> 150 different items)

    Probably I will go to a fair orso to sell my entire collection of MSX Konami games. But before I do that, I'll give you the chance to get that special item you are looking for for quite some time now.

    I'm selling everything:
    - European releases
    - Japanese releases
    - European Special Editions
    - Badlands Laserdisc
    - Pooyan on BeeCard
    - Sample cartridges with beta versions of Vampire Killer and Penguin Adventure
    - Demo cartridge of Gradius 2
    - Some Sony, Casio, Gransoft, Takeru versions of Konami games.
    - Etc.

    If you are interested, you can place a bid on my site (

      My Terms:

    • Please don't place nonsense bids. I will only answer if I think it is an interesting bid,
      so if you haven't heard from me, about a week after you placed your bid,
      I'm probebly not going to sell it for that price.
      Of course you can place a new bid anytime if the item is still available.
    • Please don't ask: what do you want for this or that,
      just place a bid on each single item you are interested in.
    • If somebody else bids more than you did, I probebly will not contact you about this.
      For now, I will not show what others bid on an item.
    • Items are sold seperatly!
    • Your bid is without shipment costs.
      Of course, combined shipment is possible.
    • I decide if, and to whom, I am going to sell each single game.
    • Payment is possible by bank-transfer or Paypal. (Dutch: of contant bij afhalen)
    • If you place a bid, I need your name and mailaddress.
      These will not be used for anything else than contacting you about
      the items I have for sale, for instance the items that you bid on.
      After the items have been sold, I will delete all this data.
    • If you don't like my terms, please don't bid . . .

    • All games were tested when they got into my collection
      (except badlands and the games which are still sealed)

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